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Armando Carlo Adamo: Urban Transfer

Armando Carlo Adamo: Urban Transfer

Urban Transfer. Global Narratives

1–14 February 2022

Urban Transfer acknowledges the urbanization phenomenon as a worldwide reality, from burning Bangkok to iced Murmansk. Capable of shooting with equal virtuosity at fifty degrees Celsius or twenty bellows zero, Adamo endures with mastery the tension of the extremes connecting them. The exhibition’s title refers to a dual perspective of the persons’ traffic and the transmission of information, synthesized in the transfer’s action. A sense of acceleration and alienation characteristic of the chaotic metropolis travels the gallery’s display. The eloquence of the photographer’s visual language features the city, a public stage, for intimate performances exposing global tales.

Armando Adamo’s pictures are not self-generated aesthetics—they would not exist for us without the artist’s lens. They are representational isolations of moments, holding their own narrative power, compelled to live forever as a photograph. Timeless.


3 February, 17.00–20.00

Artist Talk

10 February, 18.00–19.00


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