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Harmony Strand Drone Light Show

Harmony Strand Drone Light Show

Dear Friends,

Please join me on this Winter Solstice to watch the Harmony Strand dance in the sky for a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Harmony Strand Drone Light Show

Wednesday, December 21st 2022
Zollikon Allmend, Zollikon Switzerland
19:15 – Talk by Cynthia Fleischmann
19:30 – Drone Show by Skywork GmbH

Bus 910 goes there directly or you can park for free. Dress warmly, invite friends and bring a hot beverage in a thermos if you can.
This is a free public event.

Fifty performance drones with lights will fly into the air to visually create the Harmony Strand symbol, reaching 120 meters high, calling out for more peace, harmony & climate action.

This second-year free outdoor event is organized and sponsored by myself in partnership with Sky-Work GmbH and support from the Gemeinde of Zollikon.
I aim to bring awareness to exciting eco-entertainment options and help establish a new 21st century symbol that peacefully calls out for unity and collaboration for a more harmonious world.

Five Harmony Strands with 200 drones were displayed at the beginning of Burning Man 2022: You can watch it here.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to my gallery opening on December 1st and to family and friends who supported me from near and far!
The energy was amazing and my gallery is now open!

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Warm regards & hope to see you soon!

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