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Tobias Gutmann: Face-o-Mat – Sai Bot

Tobias Gutmann: Face-o-Mat – Sai Bot

Tobias Gutmann and Sai Bot

Friday, 1 April, 16.00–21.00
Saturday, 2 April, 12.00–18.00

Barbara Seiler Galerie at schwarzescafé | Luma Westbau
Limmatstrasse 270, 8005 Zürich

Book your early-bird Face-o-mat ticket: https://sai.face-o-mat.com

FACE-O-MAT – Man and machine meet to draw your portrait

At the heart of Tobias Gutmann’s artistic practice lies the creation and investigation of encounters – between people, cultures, and environments, but also between what we perceive on the outside and what we feel on the inside. With Face-o-mat, his analogue portrait machine, Tobias Gutmann has been travelling the world since 2012, portraying the people he encounters and expressing their characteristics and personal features through abstract drawings.

Now Tobias Gutmann has created his digital artist twin Sai Bot, who draws portraits that exhibit the Face-o-mat DNA, processing ten years of the artist’s experience. Sai Bot is a complicated kid, while meticulously working to be like Tobias Gutmann, Sai Bot is also on a journey of self-discovery, developing their own artistic language. For the first time Tobias Gutmann and Sai Bot will perform together, extending the Face-o-mat legacy to explore the relationship between human and machine perception.

Come and see the performance of Tobias Gutmann and Sai Bot at Barbara Seiler / schwarzescafé. You can have your portrait drawn by both Tobias Gutmann and Sai Bot or simply study the two while they work. Do they say the same thing? Are their pen strokes identical?