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Tobias Gutmann: Face-o-Mat – Sai Bot

Tobias Gutmann: Face-o-Mat – Sai Bot

Tobias Gutmann: Face-o-Mat – Sai Bot

Friday, 12 November, 16.00–21.00
Saturday, 13 November, 12.00–18.00

Barbara Seiler Galerie at schwarzescafé | Luma Westbau
Limmatstrasse 270, 8005 Zürich

Book your Face-o-mat2 encounter: https://sai.face-o-mat.com

The Birth of Face-o-mat2 – Man and machine meet to draw your portrait

At the heart of Tobias’ artistic practice lies the creation and investigation of encounters – between people, cultures, and environments, but also between what we perceive on the outside and what we feel on the inside. With Face-o-mat, an analogue portrait machine, he has been traveling the world since 2012 rendering what he sees in people’s faces – their characteristics, their personal traits, their individuality – into abstract drawings.

Tobias has assembled his years of experience, his thousands of portraits drawn and taken on a pupil that is proving quick to learn. The pupil is not a human being, it is Sai Bot, an intelligent machine that has been taught to draw in the style of its teacher. Sai is a complicated kid. Eager to break out on its own.

Tobias and Sai now together invite you to explore a new kind of creative encounter, that between man and machine. Take the opportunity to have your portrait drawn by both the master artist and his artificially intelligent pupil at this première performance of Face-o-mat2.